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(Q. 36 - 40): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
Each of the 6 friends – A, B, C, D, E, and F wears a different branded shirt among Polo, Reebok, Adidas, Gap, Milan and Lava of six different colors among Red, Blue, Green, White, Pink and Black not necessarily in the same order. C wears a red color short which is neither Polo nor Lava. A wears Reebok shirt which is neither black nor pink in color. Either E or F wears white shirt. B wears Gap shirt which is not pink in color. D wears either Adidas or blue shirt. E wears blue shirt which is not Lava.

36. The Gap shirt is in which color? 

A. Green B. White
C. Data inadequate D. None of these

37. Which of the following is true? 

A. C wears Adidas B. Adidas is not in pink color
C. Lava is in white color. D. D wears blue.

38. Which of the following is correctly matched? 

A. Red – Polo B. Black – Lava
C. Red – Milan D. Pink – Reebok

39. Who wears black shirt?

A. D B. B
C. F D. B or D

40. Of which brand is F’s shirt? 

A. Lava B. Polo
C. Adidas D. Milan

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