RRB Model Question Paper in mensuration Problems And Answers

1. One side of a rectangular field is 8 m and one of its diagonals is 17 m. Find the area of the field.

A. 120 m2 B. 130 m2
C. 125 m2 D. None of these

2. The length of a rectangular plot is 1 1/2 times that of its breadth. If the area of the plot is 300 square metres, then what is its length?

A. 30 m B. 20 m
C. 25 m D. 32 m

3. A rectangular lawn 45m by 30 m has two roars each 3 m has two roads each 3 m wide running in the middle of it, one parallel to length and the other parallel to breadth. The cost of gravelling the roads at 90 paise per square metre is

A. Rs 194.40  B. Rs 193.50
C. Rs 190.50 D. Rs 192

4. A took 30  s to cross a rectangular field waling diagonally at the rate of 40 m/min and B took the same time to cross the same field along its sides walking at the rate of 50 m/min. The area of the field is

A. 172 m2 B. 292 m2
C. 191 m2 D. 192 m2

5. The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 25% is

A. 51(1/4)% B. 56(1/4)%
C. 52(1/4)% D. None of these

6. 1.5 broad pathway is to be constructed around a rectangle plot on the inside. The area of the plot is 112.5 sq,m. The rate of construction is Rs40 per square metre. Find the total cost of the construction.

A. Rs 784.50 B. Rs 816.20
C. Rs. 924.40 D. Data insufficient

7. A square field has an area of 756.25 m2. What is the side of the field?

A. 22.5 m B. 27.5 m
C. 29.5 m D. 24.5 m

8. The number of tiles of size 12.5 cm × 15 cm required to pave the floor of square room of side 3.75 m is

A. 750 B. 640
C. 560 D. 480

9. A man walking at the speed of 3.6 km/h crosses a square field diagonally in 5 min. The area of the fiels is

A. 45000 m2 B. 42000 m2
C. 43000 m2 D. 41000 m2

10. The perimeter of a square is 96 cm. The area of a rectangle is 16 cm2 less than the area of the square. If the length of the rectangle is 28 cm, then its perimeter is

A. 96 cm B. 94 cm
C. 86 cm D. 82 cm

11. If the area of a square increases by 44%, then the side of the square increases by

A. 20% B. 30%
C. 25% D. 28%

12. What will be the length of the diagonal of that square plot whose area is equal to the area of a rectangle plot of length 64 m and breadth 49 m?

A. 58√2m B. 46√2m
C. 56√2m D. 57√2m

13. The diagonal of a square is 5√2 cm. The diagonal of another square whose area is double that of the first square is

A. 10√2 cm B. 5√2 cm
C. 3√2 cm D. None of these

14. If the diagonal of a square is made 1.2 times, then the ratio of the area of two square is

A. 27 : 36 B. 25 : 49
C. 5 : 6 D. 25 : 36

15. What will be the length of the diagonal of a square plot whose area is equal to the area of a rectangular plot of length 90 m and breadth 80 m.

A. 110 B. 115
C. 120 D. 125

16. The area of a circle of radius 7 is numerically what per cent of its circumference?

A. 350% B. 330%
C. 320% D. 300%

17. A circle and a rectangle have the same perimeter. The sides of the rectangle are 40 cm and 26 cm. What is the area of the circle?

A. 1386 cm2 B. 1396 cm2
C. 1286 cm2 D. 1586 cm2

18. The difference between the circumference and the radius of a circle is 74 cm. The area of the circle is

A. 816 cm2 B. 716 cm2
C. 616 cm2 D. 625 cm2

19. A circular wire of radius 21 cm is bent in the form of a rectangle whose sides are in the ratio 5 : 6. The larger side of the rectangle is

A. 25 cm B. 36 cm
C. 35 cm D. 46 cm

20. The number of revolutions of wheel of diameter 70 cm makes in travelling a distance of 990m, is 

A. 450  B. 350
C. 250 D. None of these

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