Basic Computer Knowledge :: Computer Model Paper 9 Question And Answers

1. The ALU performs ____ operations

A. logic B. ASCII
C. logarithm-based D. algorithm-based

2. Peripheral devices such as printers and plotters are considered to be____

A. hardware B. software
C. data D. information

3. In a sequence of events that takes place in an instruction cycle, the first cycle is___

A. Store cycle B. Execute cycle
C. Decode cycle D. Fetch cycle

4. ____ is the part of the computer that does the arithmetical calculations.

C. CPU D. Memory

5. Which of the following is a secondary memory device?

A. Keyboard B. Disk
C. Mouse D. ALU

6. Which of the following functions is not performed by the CPU?

A. Graphical Display of Data B. Arithmetic Calculations
C. Managing Memory D. Managing Input and Output

7. The feature that keeps track of the right  margin is____

A. find and replace B. wordwrap
C. right justified D. ragged right

8. What is the name of the package which helps to create, manipulate and analyse data arranged in rows and columns?

A. Spreadsheet package B. Outline processors
C. Outlining package D. Word processing package

9. Keyboard shortcuts are used to move the____

A. I-beam B. insertion point
C. mouse D. scroll bar

10. To specify margins in Word, the user has to select Page Setup option from the ____ menu.

A. Edit B. Table
C. Autocorrect D. File

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