Basic Computer Knowledge :: Computer Model Paper 10 Question And Answers

1. Which of the following Excel charts represents only one value foe each variable?

A. function B. line
C. pie D. bar

2. To see the document before the printout is taken, use___

A. Insert Table B. Paste
C. Cut D. Print Preview

3. Another name for a pre-programmed formula in Excel is___

A. range B. graph
C. function D. cell

4. To move data from one part of the document to another, following is used___

A. Cut and Paste B. Copy and Paste
C. Copy and Undo D. Cut an Delete

5. ALU works on the instructions and data held in the___

A. Notebook B. I/O devices
C. Registers D. Copy Pad

6. The processor is a ___ chip plugged onto the motherboard in a computer system.


7. A register that keeps track of the next instruction to be executed is called a ___

A. Data Register B. Instruction Register
C. Action Register D. Program Counter

8. The microprocessor of a computer

A. does not understand machine language B. understands machine language
C. understands only machine language D. Understands only high level languages

9. What is the full form of PROM?

A. Programmable Read Only Memory B. Progressive Read Only
C. Periodic Read-Only Memory D. Perfect Read-Only Memory

10. A set of choices on the screen is called a(n) ____

A. reverse video B. action plane
C. editor D. menu

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